What categories of products does Drapezy support?

Sarees and unstitched dress materials like straight cut chudidhars & kurtis but not anarkali types tops.

How does pricing work and do you have volume-based pricing?

We can help you better when we talk to know your needs in detail. Please feel free to reach out to us.

Are the images offered by Drapezy accepted by online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, etc?

Yes. We follow all the mandatory image guidelines that marketplaces expect their sellers to follow.

Am I legally covered when I use the model images delivered by the service of Drapezy?

Yes, you and your brand are 100% covered. We get into legal agreements with the models we work with and we can provide you the required legal documents. You are safe to use the images from us anywhere online or offline for your day-to-day business activities.

Do you share the saree designs with my competition in the market who are your other customers?

No. We keep your saree designs confidential from your competition. We may use your saree images to improve our internal systems with an intention to improve our service offering to our customers.

Do I get an invoice for the service provided by Drapezy?

Yes, we provide a GST invoice that is mandatory.

Does Drapezy drape sarees digitally on mannequins?

No. We believe that the model images have higher buyer engagement. When you are able to get model images at a reasonable rate then, why would you need images of your sarees on mannequins?

What kind of models do you have in your portfolio?

We work with professional, Indian models in the industry. We also do not encourage customers asking us to replace the faces of the models.

What is the purpose of a free trial & who can avail it?

Any seller selling sarees and unstitched dress material can avail the free trial. The free trial exercise will help you to experience our service and the overall final image quality. In the process, we get to know each other a little better, train you on our easy guidelines & take feedback from you on our service.

Can I get to choose a background of my choice for the model images?

For now, no. Maybe, in the future, yes keeping in mind the saree sellers selling their products on their own eCommerce websites. One of the important reasons why the white background is highly preferred is that it allows online buyers not to get distracted from the actual saree design.

What kind of sarees can be draped digitally by Drapezy?

All kinds of sarees except netted or anything very transparent. We support the rest of all types of sarees.

Can I expect the final images to have tassels attached to the edge of saree’s pallu?

For now, No. We suggest you specify in your product descriptions clearly that the tassels are cropped out due to technical reasons.

Will you be able to digitally drape sarees using the model images I share with you?

No. You will need to choose the poses or angles of models from our portfolio only. Please feel free to talk to us for more understanding.

Do you have models in your portfolio who are celebrities from the movie industry?

No. We intend to provide an economical/affordable service that is an easy alternative to regular model photoshoot which is not affordable & accessible to all.

Feel free to get in touch with us to know more about Drapezy’s services or for anything we missed to cover here.